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Our products are made the way we think life should be lived: With respect for the environment, respect for the people who make our products, and with respect for the people who wear them: You.

  • Sustainability

    Our goal is to embrace sustainable business practices wherever possible. From the use of bio-based, recycled and other sustainable raw materials, to all dealings with our retail partners, suppliers, comrades and other partners.

  • Sport

    Our heart lies in nature, but especially in the various sports that connect us to nature, be it in the ocean or the mountains. Our passion lies in riding waves, harnessing the wind, or gliding down a slope...

  • Style

    Style, fashion, art... Any form of creativity is central to our ethos. From the beautiful and timeless design of our products, to the inspiring work that various artists, creatives and designers in our Movement produce.  

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  • Bio-based

    • material •

    Our shades are manufactured from Rilsan® Clear G820 Rnew® a high performance, bio-based, transparent polyamide. Aside from being light, flexible, durable and fatigue resistant, Rilsan® is produced from castor oil, making it bio-friendly with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

  • Recycled

    • minimal packaging •

    We endeavour to use recycled, minimal packaging wherever possible, minimising our impact on the environment. We haven't managed to utilise recycled materials for 100% of our packaging yet, but the majority is, and we are striving to improve as we grow and are able to reinvest in more sustainable practices.

  • Polarised

    • lenses •

    We refuse to compromise on quality, and have sourced the best possible lenses to ensure optimal clarity. Each of our styles offer polarised or non-polarised options within the range, but we highly recommend the polarised versions. And it goes without saying that all of our sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Ûs is not just a brand, it is a movement. A movement born out of the need to create a more sustainable society. Our vision is to produce a range of durable, high quality eyewear, accessories and apparel with as little impact on the environment as possible today, and zero impact tomorrow…


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