We’ve taken the classic horn-rimmed, cat-eye look of the 50’s and added sexy curves and a stylish vignette. The result? Smoking retro-modern perfection.

THE NATHI - Gloss Tortoise Shell with Grey Gold Chrome Lenses (Made in Italy)

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  • Subtle 50's influence in a curvy package. This modern-retro classic invokes the spirit of the 50s with a horn-rimmed brow blended with subtle cat-eye lenses and classic keyhole bridge. Pair this with a sophisticated vignette and state-of-the-art Rilsan Clear resin, and you’ve got retro-modern perfection.

    The Nathi is crafted with Rilsan 820 BIO lightweight resin, (an eco-friendly bio-material), triple barrel steel hinges and high optical grade lenses. Our ultimate goal is to make a product that is as durable, ecological and sustainable as possible.

    These shades are gloss brown tortoise shell with non-polarised gold chrome lenses.

    Made in Italy.