Eco-friendly materials and classic retro styling with an angular twist come together to make the Argos an instant modern classic among sunglasses.

THE ARGOS - Gloss Black with Vintage Grey Polarised Lenses (Made in Italy)

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  • In Greek mythology, Argos was a giant known for his many, all-seeing eyes. Combining all-season, high optical performance with retro modern styling that brings us mortals a little closer to the gods, we like to think he would have appreciated the namecheck.

    Performance in a classic package, crafted with Rilsan 820 BIO resin (which is a sustainable bio-material), triple barrel steel hinges and high optical grade lenses. Our ultimate goal is to make a product that is durable, ecological and sustainable as we can.

    These sunglasses are gloss black with vintage grey polarised lenses.

    Made in Italy.